Top 10 Monetization Strategies You Need To Consider For App

If you have a mobile application, there are chances that you spent a lot of time trying to understand how to drive revenue from it. The customers are flocking to mobile, but the money is not following, isn’t?

Generating an income stream from your mobile app is essential to its success. Even it is just an add-on to your business; it will still need an ongoing support and maintenance so you need to think about monetisation. Often monetising your application is forgotten in the early stages, however, it is crucial to success in the long run. Here are top 10 monetization strategies we believe are the most effective:

1. In-app purchases

In-app purchases

Don’t think that just because you are offering the consumers a different purchasing path doesn’t mean they will take it. Its existence is not enough to push the customers over the finish line. The whole experience needs to be more convenient, seamless and enjoyable than other channels to drive sales.

In-app purchasing options range from installing paywalls that unlock new content to selling goods and services or features within the app. Experiment with different offerings in order to see what your customers respond to best.

2. Sponsors and Partnerships

Sponsors and Partnerships

This is another strategy to monetise your mobile applications. It involves finding a sponsor or partner who believes in your idea and will support your design and android mobile development of your product financially, in return for a percentage of the end profit or promotion of their brand. Once you have found them, it is important to make them understand what their role in the project to make sure there are no disagreements.

3. White labelling

White labelling

While creating an application, if you didn’t go the white label route already, then this revenue is worth looking for. Building a great app is expensive and time consuming, so people have begun to white label and package their app’s structure to sell to other businesses. If an Ionic app development company buys the code to your application, they can insert the appropriate branding and ship it off to the customers.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing

Another way to monetise your app is by email marketing your registered users. Approaching companies and individuals in this way is quick and if your app is free, most people are willing to register and give an email address to use the app. You should have a reason to ask them to register. The best thing about email marketing is that people check it on a daily basis and it ensures that they will see and engage with the content. So make sure you have an existing subject line.

5. Subscriptions


Subscriptions are one of the best ways to build up a reliable and consistent revenue stream. But the key to success with this is to keep the content fresh. The customers will not see the value of subscription if the content is not updated frequently. Shortening the app’s update cycle can provide more value to the customers. So entice users to visit your app frequently and encourage people to spend more time in the app.

6. Data monetization

Data monetization

Keeping the privacy laws in mind, there are legal and lucrative avenues for selling the customer data you collect. If you still don’t sell your data directly you can use it to influence non-mobile business decisions and create hyper targeted marketing campaigns for existing customers.

7. Charge for Installing

Charge for Installing

Though this strategy is not optimal on the surface, but few iphone apps like fitness, health and wellness and productivity can benefit from it. The most valuable asset for driving paid application installs is your website. The app stores don’t give a lot of room to create enough value for the customers to pay for installation. However, your website can be a robust as you want it to be. By creating a good value proposition for the users to download the application on site will drive them to the store to make a purchase.

8. Crowdfunding


Monetizing the mobile app through crowdfunding is a new thing. Many believe that it is just a source of money to develop and launch the app, but there are many crowfunded applications that make far more than their monetary goals. It is an excellent way to build your user base before it is available. It helps you to level up after the app hits the market as your users will be built in and allow you to develop a monetization strategy ahead of time.

9. Freemium opportunities

Freemium opportunities

If you want to make your application free, but also want to add ‘pay to use’ structure, freemium is the perfect monetization strategy. According to a study, 64% of the freemium players make a purchase every month. The users will have access to some of the features and to get the full access, they need to upgrade to premium. Dropbox and LinkedIn are a few examples of freemium applications.

10. Strong Code

Strong Code

If you can develop your code from the ground up and proves to be successful, then other brands can approach you and offer to re-skin your app. By licensing the code to other like swift app developers, you can make money without disrupting your user experiences. One more thing with code sharing that you need to consider is the app’s endgame. After your business has got the enough value and ready to move onto the next step, you can sell it whole to a buyer who wants to use your framework to create its own app.

Every app is unique with its customer journeys and unique needs, it means mobile application revenue models are one size fits all. So to figure out what works best, first you need to consider what is least disruptive to your customer’s in-app experience. Whether you have a monetization strategy all ironed out or in the process of solidifying a strategy, keeps these points in mind as your business and app needs to evolve. Google Analytics, Flurry, Add Colony and AdMob are few services that can help you to monetize, expand and track your application’s customer lifetime cycle.

How Iphone App Development Can Help To Boost Your Business

With each passing day, the world of mobile applications is getting advanced and innovative. Entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned to grow their business with feature rich applications. Often people are in dilemma whether to build Android or iPhone apps. Both platforms are very effective for your business expansion. But when it comes to security and friendly features, iPhone outpaces Android in many ways. This is why many prefer to opt for developing apps for iPhones. Now if you are wondering how it can boost the sales of your business here are the points:

  • 1. Improves visibility

You can improve your business visibility with an iPhone application. You will get the benefit of the localization concept with a tailored app. A mobile app development company can integrate the iBeacon technology in the application to boost the sales of brick and mortar retailers. The location based apps can do wonders to attract the customers towards your business and retain them. The customers can find your business with the help of social media integration and you can also leverage user’s social media network to find prospective customers. With the help of a service provider you can also run an ad campaign.

  • 2. Build online reputation

An online presence is not enough to stay ahead of the game. So you have to build a reputation to effectively deal with intensifying the online competition. The professional companies stay in touch with the market trends always and also with advanced app development techniques to provide a suitable application for your business. They also house some marketing and business consultants who can give a complete guide to enhance your online reputation.

  • 3. Hastens purchasing decisions

Online Pre-shopping research is in vogue worldwide. Offer people to facilitate search, read reviews, etc through an app. You can hasten the purchasing decisions and also get them in the favour of your brand. If you have an iPhone mobile app, then it can also enable you to target audience in different regions. A company can integrate mobile analytics in the app so that you can provide individualized information based on the user’s searching behaviour and shopping pattern. Mobile analytics can provide user information about conversion rates and can implement the marketing strategy on the basis on the data.

  • 4. Loyalty programs

People just love rewards in everything. The developers can add online loyalty programs either in the new app or in an existing app. So you can reward your loyal customers without worrying about tracking their behaviours or printing cards. The online loyalty program will help to boost the sales with minimal efforts. It can also encourage the customers to interact with your business and promote the sales.

  • 5. Level of security

This platform is known for its high level of security. It makes difficult for the hackers gain access to the user’s data. In this case, Apple is very particular when allowing applications to its store in order to ward off security threat. It has helped the users to gain confidence. So if your application manages to reach the store, then it will gain trust automatically. The customized development allows you to encrypt files to ensure secure transactions.

At Mobigrove, we have a team of dedicated developers and they have expertise of using cutting edge tools that create customer focused apps. We have set many milestones while serving the global clients with enterprise grade apps across different industry sectors. Contact us and explore the opportunities to grow business with engaging applications.

App Store Optimization Helps To Bring Your Application to the Top

It is quiet surprising looking at the proliferation of new applications. The mobile users are somewhat blasted constantly with it. As a result, it is a constant battle to stand out in the clutter and get noticed in the App Store. Today, the competition is impressive there are almost 3 million apps in the Apple Store. The App Store is a crowded marketplace that makes it difficult for the users to find what they are looking for and challenging for app developers to get their apps discovered. Keep in mind that keywords optimization and ASO is not a one shot, but rather an ongoing process.

Do you know it is the first place where people come to download applications? Around 65 percent of it is discovered from a search in the App Store directly. Here, your app can get invisible amongst the other apps and can steal your potential users away from you. So it is important to have a strong App Store Optimization strategy.

Businesses understands the importance of having an application, but do they really know how to show it in the app store search results and achieve downloads? It is just like Search Engine Optimization but for mobile apps. Just like a website without SEO is like a car without engine, the same applies to the apps.

Optimising your application is vital both for Google Play and Apple App Store. There are varieties of on page and off page techniques that can help to increase traffic of your app download page from app store search results. Mobigrove have a team of experts who can improve your app discoverability, increase its visibility and improve the on-page conversion rate by implementing a whole range of ASO techniques. Finding the right keywords, ranking higher for those keywords and converting leads into users are some of the significant parts of ASO.

There is no one size fits all for app optimisation; there is more than one way to improve the visibility of the app. They provide the perfect and customized solution for your application. Once the experts dig out the areas need to be improved and optimize, their strategists and analysts start executing the changes that can affect your KPIs and app store rankings. App marketing is an ongoing process while optimizing the App Store search. Mobigrove have the industry knowledge and experience to make your ASO successful.

Why Consider Ionic App Development For Your Business?

It is a well known fact that advancement in technology has transformed our lives beyond imagination. Technology advancement has landed us in an era that is rapidly inventing, adopting and changing better ways to do things. If you are building an app, it’s quite obvious that you are looking for success and also want to spread across platforms. Ionic framework is the perfect choice doing that more easily as it makes the app converted easily from one operating system to another. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Free and open source framework

You can build your applications on various platforms with this platform independent framework. It can spit out the platform specific optimized CSS in order to match the native feel and look on assorted mobile operating systems. It gives codes of mobile optimized HTML, CSS and JS components and reduces the need for code writing. It also integrates into AngularJS and helps structure that code better and also more manageable. It is beneficial for increased awareness and boost marketing in popularity of the apps.

  • Built on Angular

If you know Ionic is built on the top of AngularJS framework. It helps to broaden Angular with a lot of stuff in order to make mobile apps with Angular easy. AngularJS is the favourite JavaScript framework in use and backed by Google. As Ionic framework shares compatibility with AngularJS so its benefits can also be put to use.

  • Easy and feasible cross mobile app development

An application should be compatible with all mobile devices. It needs limited use of efforts, resources and time and also helps to give an integrated feel and look. Ionic helps to develop apps quickly with efficiency and deploys standard tools with a single code base.

  • Beautiful default UI

It has lots of default JavaScript and CSS components which cover most of the elementary things that you would want to create into a mobile app. Some of them include Form inputs, Tabs, Sliding menu, Buttons, Popups, prompt, Navigation and Sliding Boxes. Its styles are sleek and simple and you can also customize them by adding pre-defined CSS classes to the element.

Looking for superior Ionic development services for your business? Mobigrove have a team of experienced app developers who have delivered seamless apps to the global clients. You have lots of reasons to try this framework and maybe the most motivating is it’s a free working space. So go on and try it.

Android Applications can multiply your revenue exponentially

There is no surprise that most of the businesses are opting to build Android applications. Their low barrier to entry makes them a perfect vehicle for businesses investing in apps for the first time. The enormous market potential and low resistance entry make these apps a magnet for start-ups and small businesses.

People are reaching out to applications for various reasons like research, comparing prices, making purchases, finding directions, reading reviews about brands and other purposes. When people are spending so much time digitally, it makes sense to create your business presence through it. Then why not reach customers and prospects through their favoured channel?

Customers prefer businesses that have their own apps which can be accessed anytime anyplace. This isn’t true for eCommerce or social media applications. All kinds of businesses need android advantage. If you are one of them that doesn’t have its own app, then you are pushing your audiences towards competitors who have. With Android applications development, processing business operations has become a lot easier. It can create an online presence and brand visibility for your business. It has become so popular because of its enormous user base. According to Strategy Analytics, now it leads the Smartphone market with a massive market share of 81 percent.

How android apps can boost your business

  • Push notifications: Android apps can be used to deliver timely push notifications in order to introduce new offers, services or products in your business.
  • Gathering marketing data: It can be used to gather some vital data about the visitors like contact information, demographic, buying preferences, interests, etc. This informations can be used to carry your targeted email marketing or direct marketing campaigns for improving sales.
  • Customer support: It can be used as 24×7 customer support and can be a direct channel to the customers no matter what’s your or their location.
  • High sales volume: Through mobile apps you can gain 30 percent more compared your website. It can also be integrated with your social media accounts, website or others to generate more traffic and interest in your business.

In terms of customization and flexibility, android scores more than others. It offers distinct frameworks which adapt to different sizes and make user interaction smooth and seamless. With hundreds of applications on Google Play Store daily, you need cutting edge tools, excellent interface, actionable analytics, clean coding to feature among the top. Mobigrove developers with wide exposure, coding expertise, domain knowledge and result oriented approach can do the task.